ZetaCash.com is proud to offer new tube clips with flexible feed and dump generators for TUBE and CJTube sites as well as other ones.

The tube clips are available for VintageCuties.com and HairyPussyCuties.com paysites.
Tube clips for VintageCuties site are of 640x480 resolution featuring clip durations from 3 minutes to 15 minutes and average is around 5-6 minutes. New clips are added every 2 days!
Tube clips for HairyPussyCuties site are of 540x360 and 480x360 resolutions featuring clip durations of 2 min but we will be working on longer clips for sure.

The main hit is the generators that will export the clips with all the data you want to delimited text dumps or feeds any kind.
The export formats are the following:
1. Delimited text dump
2. RSS feed
3. XML
4. Stream rotator

Every video has the following data that can be exported:
1. Video ID
2. URL to MP4 video clip
3. 1-5 good quality thumbnails
4. Video title (37 characters each, approximately)
5. Video description (200 characters each, approximately)
6. Categories list
7. Extensive list of tags
8. Video duration
9. Embed code (to embed videos with video player)
10. Link to paysite with webmaster's CCBill ID

There are 50 categories for you to choose from if you need niche videos only.
There are 4 different thumbnail sizes for you to choose from to fit most sites that use general thumb sizes: 160x120, 200x150, 240x180, 320x240. All thumbnails are handmade with Photoshop to maintain the best quality and yet the smallest available file size, all thumbs have Huffman tables optimized with Jpegtran software to reach the maximum compact size.
We also offer Original size video screenshots if you want to make your own thumbs.

Tube owners will enjoy our clips as they are easy to import and frequent updates with fresh niche content is good to have.
CJTube owners will enjoy our tube clips as they are easy to embed into their sites and the generators are very well built to match the flexibility and features of xHamster, DrTuber and other tubes.

Join ZetaCash.com and head to AD TOOLS page to generate the clips for your needs!